GXSM is an Open Source Software Project which was founded be Percy Zahl - at this time at the University of Hannover, Germany. In the last year quit a lot of developers joined the linux-based project, which is published under the GNU Public licence (GPL). An even larger community in different universities and science labs is using this handy software to control their scanning probe microscopes.

ventiotec supports this project by an easy to install linux-distribution, which is - of course free of charge - available. The operating system is based on the popular lubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (based on Ubuntu but using less resources) and already contains the needed software packages. The live-DVD even allows to test GXSM without installing it on a computer. No linux experience is needed. In the case, that problems occur, ventiotec offers help under linux@ventiotec.com.

If you want to try out GXSM, please download the ISO-file from this page and burn it on a DVD (by using Nero or similar). Then use this DVD to boot your computer. The linux-system will boot up. If you have a more powerful hardware you can also run the linux distribution in a virtual environment like VMware, VirtualBox or HyperV.

More details on the project you will find in the following publication:
P. Zahl, M. Bierkandt, S. Schröder, and A. Klust, Rev. Sci. Instr. 74 (2003) 1222.

P. Zahl, T. Wagner, R. Möller and A. Klust, "Open source scanning probe microscopy control software package Gxsm", J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 28 (2010).

P. Zahl and T. Wagner "GXSM - Smart & Customizable SPM Control", Imaging & Microscopy Issue 1, 2015, published March 12th, 2015.

GXSM3 lubuntu 20.04.1 remix 64bit for recent PCs.
GXSM3 Ubuntu 16.04 remix 32bit for older PCs.

Last Update:

The brandnew GXSM3 Ubuntu remix is available: GXSM3 Ubuntu 22.04.0 64 Bit. The liveDVD contains GXSM3 in the very latest version 3.53.0, all necessary program packages and of course the GXSM3 source code.

We were finally able to resolve the last dependencies of our Linux distribution to python3.7. The latest version including all Ubuntu updates up to and including August 15 is now available for download: GXSM3 Ubuntu 64 Bit. The liveDVD contains GXSM3 in the very latest version 3.52.0, all necessary program packages and of course the GXSM3 source code. They can check the integrity of the ISO file with the following MD5 sum: 0d2783543943e7deb82309fa8846ba68.

Rather a "fully loaded Ubuntu" instead of a "heavy weight Lubuntu"! After Lubuntu changed to the LXQT desktop, the former lightweight became a weighty distribution (full QT and Gnome environments). Therefore, we decided to go back to the roots and offer a corresponding Ubuntu derivative right away. Try it out for yourself and download the latest version of our Ubuntu remix: GXSM3 Ubuntu 20.04.2 64 bit). The liveDVD contains GXSM3 in the very latest version 3.52.0, all necessary program packages and of course the GXSM3 source code. They can check the integrity of the ISO file with the following MD5 sum: fe3748970cfb73082a7bafa3e88c951b.

This time, our Linux distribution with "built-in" GXSM3 is based on a slim lubuntu 20.04 LTS. This means that the distribution run smoothly on an elder hardware even directly from the DVD or in a virtualization environment like VMWare Player, VirtualBox, ....

You want to try the latest Ubuntu Desktop and GXSM3? Then download our linux distribution! Is is free of charge. It is avail here! GXSM3 Ubuntu 18.04.1 64 Bit features GXSM3 version 3.48.0, all neceesary binary and source packages.
If you have an older 32 bit system, you can still download our GXSM3 Ubuntu 16.04 32 Bit distribution with GXSM3 version 3.47.1. In the future, we will only support the 64 bit iso files.

The most recent distribution fixes a major bug related to the use of MK2 controllers. Please, update also your DSP firmware to use GXSM3 version 3.47.1.

We released a new ISO-Image of your linux distribution which is now based on the Gnome-Desktop. This will solve a view minor problems related to Canonicals Unity enviroment. The live features the up to date GXSM3 (3.44.0). If you have an NVIDIA graphic board, you might want to try the new 3D view!

GXSM3 is ready! We also updated our liveDVD. So please download the new version including all Ubuntu updates and the brandnew GXSM3 (3.42.3) with the new GUI. MK2-users, please update your DSP firmware to the provided one. In case you do not apply the firmware update, GXSM3 will hang at the end of the first scan.

GXSM is ready for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ready! We updated our linux distribution, which has everything included to run GXSM with softdb's Open Source Controllern MK2-A810 and MK3Pro-PLL right out of the box.
For the second half of 2016 softdb has announced to increase the prices for their DSP products. Order within June to get still the old prices.

Made an 64bit Ubuntu Remix 14.04.4 LTS from scratch. The new ISO includes the Linux kernel and of course some GXSM related extras.

Update of the 32 bit linux distribution: Now it includes GXSM 3.11.0 Signal Master SLS HiDPI. The distribution includes all GXSM and linux updates up to 2016/03/05. Be patient - the 64bit version is stil work in progress.

Update of the linux distribution is completed: Now it includes GXSM 3.10.0 Signal Master Evolved - which is also stable in the 64 bit version. The distribution includes all GXSM and linux updates up to 2014/09/20.

User feedback allowed us to fix two minor bugs in our Linux distribution. It now features GXSM 3.0.2 with its source code from 24.07.2014 and a new Linux kernel. The distribution is compatible with the following firmware versions: MK3Pro&A810 30.41, SR-MK2&A810 20.32 and SR-STD/SP2 10.58.


Now available - the first 64 bit GXSM Ubuntu Remix including GXSM 3.0.2. Check out also our new design of your Linux experience.

Bug fixing of the distribution - i.e. exchanged wrong DSP Firmware files on the desktop. The distribution contains stil Gxsm2-1.41.1 (“Lednice013”) for SR-MK3Pro&A810(30.19), SR-MK2&A810(20.31) and SR-STD/SP2 (10.58). All recent Ubuntu updates until 02.08.2013 were applied, i.e. kernel 3.2.0-51-generic.

Updated GXSM Ubuntu Remix now featuring Gxsm2-1.41.1 (“Lednice013”). Please use the firmware which you find after installation on your desktop: SR-MK3Pro&A810(30.19), SR-MK2&A810(20.31) and SR-STD/SP2 (10.58). First, experimental Support for the Smart Piezo Driver from softdb.

The GXSM Ubuntu Remix 12.04-1-LTS is out now. Besides being based on the latest Ubuntu, it features Gxsm2-1.30.0 "Meetinghouse Warrior" with support for MK2 (firmware 20.25) and MK3Pro (firmware 30.15). You may also try the new PACscope.

The distribution includes Ubuntu's Unity desktop and the old style gnome-panel. To launch the submenu in unity, right-click on the GXSM icon.

Please update GXSM in this distribution only via your prefered package manager, i.e. apt-get, from my PPA at launchpad.

Sorry, the image is too large to fit an a CD, so please burn it on a DVD.

Updated GXSM Ubuntu Remix (10.04-4-LTS). Now featuring kernel 2.6.32-41-generic, Gxsm2-1.30.0 "Meetinghouse Warrior" with support for MK2 (firmware 20.25) and MK3Pro (firmware 30.15), experimental support for PLL on MK3Pro. PRODUKTE/GXSM LINUX.

Same version is available via apt-get from launchpad.net. To get it pleasu type in your terminal: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:totto/gxsm; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install gxsm sranger sranger-modules-mk23-dkms sranger-modules-std-dkms

Updated to GXSM-1.24.1 with DSP firmware 20.16 on kernel 2.6.32-29-generic. The GXSM update will include status indicators for the GPIO channels in the pan view. Also the use of the GPIO for the coarse approach was improved. The distribution will now also support experimentally the SR-MK3Pro.

Updated distribution to linux kernel 2.6.32-25. The distribution will include GXSM 1.24.1 which requires the DSP firmware 20.15. New features are the status indicator of the DSP in the Pan View window and somre improved options for the coarse approach.

First release of an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS based remix with special extensions for GXSM. It is a minimal Ubuntu system including all you need to run and develop GXSM. As the distribution does not include all Ubuntu gimmicks the image is only 634 MB large and still fits on a CD. You can operate it as live CD or install it on your HD.

Fixed missing apt-log files during installation. Updated default settings for SR-MK2&A810.

The distribution contains all updates of GXSM/SRanger and Ubuntu before 02.05.2010. This is - probably - the last release of the GXSM distribution based on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and therefore quite stable. The new lucid lynx is out, but not totally tested yet. So please be patient!

Ubuntu updates and GXSM sources from 2009/10/20
Two new scripts have been added to the menu: InitSR and Update_GXSM_Sranger:
The first one replaces the old bash script loadsranger.sh by a fancy GTK/python one. It now also supports the new SR-MK2. It checks for the boards, sets the right permissions, uploads the DSP code (not yet for MK2).

The second one allows to update GXSM via automatic CVS checkout and compiling. As a second option you can update the binaries by using a apt-repositry. The script will therefore alter your sources.list to include a link to http://ppa.launchpad.net/totto/gxsm/ubuntu.

Check out the new GXSM features: The IIR filtering, input signal mixing, noise generator, … are now stable. To use that features, please update the DSP code on your SR-MK2&A810. You have to do that still by using the Mini-Debugger on Windows - sorry!

Ubuntu updates and GXSM sources from 2009/05/23
New menu item GXSM (with subfolders for the different hardware)
Find SR-MK2&A810 windows driver (for first installation) on the desktop
For elder SR-STD/SP2 hardware run script /home/ventiotec/loadsranger.sh to load DSP code (still beta)
Cleaned up desktop

Ubuntu updates and GXSM sources from 2009/03/30
MK2 & A810 working in the live DVD mode
Separate versions for old STD/SR2 boards and new MK2 & A810