ventiotec is understood as a platform, on which new impulses, ideas, cooperation and initiatives are systematically further developed and conveyed. ventiotec is equipped with an interdisciplinary team of specialists and generalists under the leadership of Dr. Thorsten Wagner and Andreas Münchow. ventiotec's highest maxim is the transfer of know-how between branches, technologies and scientific disciplines. We bring new ideas, procedures and methods to your company. If required, we will use the comprehensive contacts of universities, institutions and partner companies.

The three pillars of ventiotec

Open up new horizons [Exploration]

ventiotec offers the transfer of newly acquired scientific knowledge into the business sector. For this purpose we offer FEASIBILITY STUDIES in three steps: Thanks to STATE OF THE ART RESEARCH market information, technical publications and patents are researched and evaluated in terms of the posed problem. REALIZATION SOLUTIONS are investigated in two steps. Different materials, procedures and technologies are weighed against each other in order to identify alternative solution paths and assess the risks. In conclusion, the expected REALIZATION OUTLAY is assessed.

Thematic focal points in the sector of consulting are the areas of
• Nanotechnology
• Surface coating and analysis
• Material sciences
• analytics // measurement technology // quality assurance
• Information acquisition // State of the art research

Give ideas a form [Creation]
"Design gives form to messages. Design is the physical concretion of information. It must be precise and without compromise." ventiotec offers STRATEGIC PLANNING, CONCEPTION and DESIGN of knowledge. Increasingly more technology permeates daily life. People must process extensive information in a very short time and adapt to new circumstances. Thus precision and intransigence are the most important features of a good information presentation. And this becomes increasingly important as the various disciplines and walks of life more complexly permeate. In the area of information and communication design, ventiotec is equipped with a wide network of partner corporations and university contacts. We realize projects in the areas of

• Brand development // corporate design
• Visual communication in print and screen media
• Temporary architecture // trade fair design
• Interface design

Offer solutions [Invention]
ventiotec is a company which markets innovative products which were developed jointly with collaborative partners in the universities. In the process, we do not see ourselves as a simple intermediary. We want to help convert today's creativity and innovation strength of academic institutions into tomorrow's products.


In 2008, ventiotec was founded by Marcel Dolega and Dr. Thorsten Wagner. The first headquarter was located in Gelsenkirchen-Hassel. The inspiring atmosphere in the "Alte Kokerei" help us to start things with great swing and vigor. 2014 was a time of chance: Marcel Dolega left the company to start a new project. He was replaced by Andreas Münchow. At the same time the headquarter moved to Duisburg-Marxloh. Certainly, this chances will give us new stimuli so that great things will develop.