Open Source SPM Controller from SoftDB

Already for a couple of years GXSM is a very successful project for controlling scanning probe microscopes. The open sourceproject which is hosted at can compete with most commercial solutions. This proves that professional software has not to be expensive. The software solution is based on modern digital signal processors which are also part of the SR-MK2 and SR-MK3Pro developments boards from SoftdB. The A810 add-on-board for the SR-MK2/SR-MK3Pro is especially designed for the needs of the SPM-community. But you do not have to solder yourself some plugs to the development boards: Both sets of cards are available as Open Source SPM Controller in a stabile rack chasis. The analog inputs and outputs are easy accessable from the front pannel via BNC connectors. An the back pannel you will find the additional digital ports.

Our free linux distribution can be downloaded via the the menue item PRODUCTS/GXSM Ubuntu remix. Just insert the live-DVD into your PC, reboot it, connect your cables and enjoy GXSM: It was never so easy to start with GXSM!

The key features of the SPM Open Source Controller MK2-A810 are:
• based on SR-MK2 development board
• 8 analog inputs
• 8 analog outputs
• up to 150 kHz sampling frequency of the analogue channels
• +/- 10V dynamic range
• low noise and high DC stability
• 2 16-bit counter synchronised to the IO's
• connect the IO's and the counter with BNC cables at the front
• 16 individually configurable GPIOs
• very low input-output group-delay optimized for a fast feedback loop
• 5502 DSP from Texas Instrument running at 300 MHz
• SPARTAN 3 FPGA from Xilinx
• High Speed USB interface controller

datasheet Open Source SPM Controller MK2-A810

The SPM Open Source Controller MK3Pro-PLL has the following additional features compared to the standard controller MK2-A810:
• based on SR-MK3Pro development board
• more powerfull DSP: 6424 from Texas Instrument with 590 MHz
• integrated PLL (phase lock loop) controller
• maximal resonance frequency of the PLL: 75 kHz
• PLL is perfectly suitable for needle-sensors and others
• can be operated as SPM Controller und/oder PLL betrieben werden

datasheet Open Source SPM Controller MK3Pro-PLL

GXSM available free of charge: You can download our ready to use linux distribution or compile from source code available via You don't have to pay for the software but just for the affordable hardware! In addition, GXSM is open source so that you have the full access to the source code. Therefore it is easy for you to implement own experiments in C/C++ or python. Worldwide scientists work to improve GXSM. Be part of the GXSM project!

Please also ask for our support around GXSM. We are happy to help you to get your SPM controlled by GXSM.